Tripconnect a bargain? 8 good reasons for not join

We are now in. We have been hearing from a while and there are sill too many questions around Tripadvisor’s Tripconnect.

The most frequent questions of those who ask me are: is worthwhile? Is not? Should I make the subscription? Should not? If I spend all that money, will I be rewarded?

I reflected, I studied the situation, I asked those who subscribed, I asked the hotel keepers. When I had all the information it is obvious that Tripconnect is the main earnings of Tripadvisor.

Actually, is the last (necessary?)step to get money out of the hotels, make them believe that without it they will loose great part of their turnover. It is, above all, a media operation, a psychological bombing just started; psychological terrorism for those who are trying to have more direct reservations.

And here’s the trick: I pay something like € 750.00 per month in order to have direct bookings. What direct bookings (even if they book or not) we are talking about if they cost me so much?

Therefore there are 8 good reason not to join Tripconnect’s Tripadvisor:

  1. With Tripconnect direct bookings are definitively over because everyone before booking an hotel has a look to Tripadvisor. If at the end, the guest books directly by Tripadvisor here’s end your possibility to avoid the commission.
  2. It is amedia operation in order to convince the hotels keepers that if you do not have Tripconnect you are not receiving reservations
  3. If you have your own booking engine that costs you € 0.00, why should you put it also on TripAdvisor and spending € 3500 per year for the business listing and a half for being activated? Every person God put on Earth, before booking, has a look to your official website, this is inevitable. They would see on your website a lower price, a small plus and they will book directly with you.
  1. Come funziona Tripconnect di Tripadvisor

    Come funziona Tripconnect di Tripadvisor

    1. Parity rate issue: do you think that others competitors such as,,, etc. will stay quiet when they will see your hotel with a lower price on Tripadvisor? You will receive a fast email telling you must follow the parity rate otherwise they will remove you from their website (and they will intimate you also for the loss). So, if you respect the parity rate, do you think one will book with or on your website?
    2. Cost: if you would like to have Tripconnect you must have a Business Profile and Tripadvisor makes double: from € 1500.00 more or less in a year, we are now € 3570.00 per year. We mean we start from a base of costs already high enough to be amortized. But let’s move on. We still do not know exactly how Tripconnect works. It is not known whether it will work with a pay per click (which does not guarantee that the customer is going to book the property, but it could be used just to see the rates, various supplements and available rooms and types) or monthly or annual fee . We do not know if we have to buy the “credit” to be used from time to time …. In short, you do not know a damn. The only thing that I managed to recover, AND THAT MAKES ME FEAR AND TREMBLING ,is this: With offer we means the price that the property is willing to pay to buy this qualified traffic. The payment is made only if a traveller clicks on your link. The amount of the offer, in comparison to the the bids of the other structures, determines the placement of the structure in the box results. The links of the three best bidders get the top positions. An important position is assigned to the links of the highest bidder. If the structure appears in positions 1 to 3, the link will also include the icon “official site”, so that travellers know that the price is offered directly by the hotel. All other tenderers who satisfy the minimum amount of the offer will appear between the text links placed under the three major announcements in the search results. It’s sheer madness. You are spending money and you still don’t know whether your offer is sufficient enough to let your booking-engine link be online! Unofficial sources say € 0.30 per click. If we consider medium season, a month such as May or June, an hotel receive 1500 visits for the booking engine (even if they are checking rates etc) which means € 450.00 monthly, that should be sum to € 297.50 for the monthly fee of the Business listing: here we have € 747.50. And we are talking about May and June for a medium hotel! Hence, € 747.50 for NOT HAVE THE ASSURANCE OF THE RESERVATION! This make me fly. I’d rather pay 30% commission to an agency for SUCCESSFUL BOOKINGS, and not for the advertisement they are doing on me. Do you got where they are robbing us? Paying a lot of money for having nothing. On the contrary it is true that several visits become reservations: of course, but with these prices I should do a high turnover to recruit the money I lost for reservations…….FROM MY WEBSITEEEEEE! We should all take the pitchfork and go to the houses of this damned thieves!
  2. Costo profilo aziendale

    Quanto costa il profilo aziendale di Tripadvisor?

    1. Connected to point n°5, you spend € 747.50 monthly for not to have any guarantee of a successful booking and at the end….they all book with other websites such as or (in this case the money always enter into their pockets) instead of your website and you are **** off.
    2. Those who joined Tripconnect, deliver their own structure into the hands of the snitch owl. Here we talk about money, about the future of a company, about the efforts of strengthen its own website and booking engine
    3. With Tripconnect forget about doing AGAINST OTA, that is to say:

    -          You receive a reservation from a booking website

    -          Take the email of the guest

    -          Write to the guest and tell him if he/she book directly with you he will save money and have e.g. the room upgrade

    -          You let him cancel the reservation

    -          The guest book directly by your website

    -          The guest saved money for the room, has a nicer room and a small gift at the check-out

    -          You saved at least 20% of the total of the reservation you owed to the website

    Here’s the 8 good reasons not to join Tripconnect. Maybe it could be convenient for the bih hotels 18 stars….maybe. Let’s use Tripadvisor as free advertisement for our own companies and do not pay for having reservations!

    Good luck and let me have your feedback on this. There is at stake is our future, our activities, our families. Do not deliver them into the hands of an owl thief!

Yours, Guest Advisor

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  1. Many thanks for such a great review! It’s so hard to find any reliable information regarding TripConnect…

    What if you are already subscribing to business listing and don’t use any OTA?

    You shouldn’t have to put any BID, and just get your own button “book now” linking to your site for no additional cost, right?

    • Hi there. thanks for your reply. I agree with you: if you haven’t any OTA and you’re already subscrived on Business list of Tripadvisor is the maximum that you could have. So you can use just your own booking button (the same of your official website) on Tripconnect. You’ll jave the maximum of direct bookings ffom tripadvisor and your website. In this way you could pay a very low price for the pay x click.
      Please let me know if it will work, but I’m sure: it’s better to don’t have any OTA and work with your own website and Tripconnect. So, in this way, Tripadvisor will have the complete control of the online booking… But you’ll save a lot of money and you’ll have a lot of direct bookings.
      Good job!

      Guest Advisor

    • Hi Yuriy.
      Thank’s for your link. It’s very interesting and nice. It’s similar to my IBE and we can sell a lot of extras by it.
      However the question is: with the same price, why book with my website instead of is famous, safe and I’ve used a lot of time. If the price is the same from your website and the OTA’s, we can’t win this battle. But the things are changing….but I think that is not good for us.
      In two days I’ll write a new article about OTA’s failure.
      Good job!

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  3. “Let’s use Tripadvisor as free advertisement for our own companies and do not pay for having reservations!”

    Dear Guest Advisor, they were clever – 7 months after you have written this great post we have following situation:

    1. TA changed dramatically the usability, navigation logic and functionallity of their website. You are not supposed to find a nice place to stay there and then ask directly when they are availability, or when it’s good to come. You are supposed to book.
    2. In order to increase bookings through TA, they make you disappear if you are not with big OTA’s, even when you are the first one with the best TA-reputation. They are open about it: a small hotel with paid business listing is not their partner, OTAs are.
    3. TrippConnect si now the only way for small business to stay visible for potential customers.

    So TrippConnect seems to be a scam if you work with OTAs because you will bid against your competition for attention of people ineterested in booking your place. You will actually bid against yourself. But for small houses with no OTA-connection and good TA-reputation it’s probably the only way to survive.

    Because there is no way you can use your business listing as free advertising if you are not visible at all.

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